Anglo Nubian goats for sale

Our farm of Anglo Nubian goats is located in Paulesti, Prahova County, Romania.
It is a very quiet place with spacious stables.


2019 goat kids for sale:
female kids &
male kids

Goat kids for sale

Anglo Nubian goat kids for sale; goats with high quality milk, rich in natural fats and proteins.

A goat kid price may differ according to genealogy. Availability on request.

For more information about our goats please contact us at +40733 400 345.

Very resistant

The milk is rich in natural fats and proteins

The milk is used in the fine cheese industry

Variety of colours: black, white, brown

Soft, short and straight hair

Anglo Nubian Goats

We have goats with genealogical certificate revealing the parents, grandparents and great grandparents. It also guarantees breed’s purity.

The goats are gentle and quiet when their physiological needs are satisfied: food, water, shelter.

Anglo Nubian goats are very intelligent animals. For instance, once they are guided to the milking area, they will know next time where to go and wait for the milking

Anglo Nubian Goats Characteristics

Anglo Nubian are large breed goats, with long legs, swirling ears and roman nose (ramble).
These animals have horns but there are some goats without horns. The hair is short, straight and soft.

Anglo Nubian goats are very resistant animals. Their milk is rich in proteins, very fat, sweet, with no taste or pronounced smell.
According to Anglo-Nubian Goat Society the milk has an average fat of 4,5 %, but with an appropriate care milk’s average from our goats can reach up to 6-7%.
The milk is very appreciated in fine cheese industry and in the cosmetics industry.

Anglo Nubian is a very useful breed. Our goats provide 4 l of high quality milk per one milking. We feed our goats naturally.

Anglo Nubian male goats are used for improving other breeds quality.

To obtain a high quality milk it is very important the animal to be well fed with quality food. Anglo Nubian will be an exceptional goat if it is very well fed and will be suitable for meet production.

The speed of reaching maturity, the high quality milk and the utility in meet production make the anglo Nubian breed very profitable. Female goats can give birth to 3 baby goats in average.
Adult female goats can rich up to 110 kg and adult male goats can reach up to 140 kg.

If you are interested in purchasing an anglo nubian goat you are welcome to visit our farm!

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